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Pretty Tom

Need some help

Is being a grown up supposed to be all about numbers and money or is it just me and my life?

Because that's what this is boiling down to.

And I need some more... seasoned eyes to look at this housing/renting issue. I've never really been much for renting a place - I've done it three times in my life, twice in University supplied places, once in a shitty shit hole that really wasn't good for me.

So I've not got a great track record here.

I need to find a place in Bangor, Wales, because I go back to uni next year and I need to find it soon. Like, seriously soon. Last time, I left it too late and ended up as one of nine tennents in a shit hole, and they were horrible. Like, steal my crockey, leave rotten food everywhere, and never clean up after themselves kind of gross.

I made a list of things that it had to have -

listy listy listyCollapse )

And I found a place, and it turned out - even though I got sample contracts and everything - someone else sniped me at it. Which is a shame.

Mother suggested a new place, with room for her to come and stay with me so I don't get too depressed (occsionally. Like, once a term), and it would give me more space.

And I found a place which matched that criteria. And how...

pretty picturesCollapse )

It's in a chapel, and is about 7 minutes walk from the university, near to the shops and the town center, but not so close to get all the drunk assholes after kicking out time in the early hours.

But it's a £1100 a month. That's $1700 a month. That's almost £10,000 a year. ($16,000).

Now, admittedly, that does cover the cost of furnishing it, the telephone bill, internet bill, water bill, and the TV license. All done, in that cost, which is not included in most other places (and especially not the last one). It works out at £247 ($390) a week, which is a lot. It's supposed to be rented by two people, though, and I'd be taking it as a single person which means it costs far more than most people would be experiencing.

Having ANY place that's meant for two people by myself is going to cost more. A lot more.

And a single room with shared living, bathing, and cooking quarters is £5000~ on average anyway.

And I have my inheritance (God, do I feel wanky privileged for saying that). I could afford to do it, easily. Very easily.

But... IDK.

I'd have my own space. It's beautiful. Close to the university. I'd be able to have people over and not worry about noise. I'd be able to invite my mother to stay, which she desperately wants to.

Of course, all this is a moot point if the people turn around and say it's been let already. I asked at 11, and the pics went live two hours before hand, at 9.




Pretty Tom

Rayner - Reed Wedding

I found ths today when I was sorting out papers from my grandmother's things. My grandmother on my father's side, that is. She passed away in November 2010 but all of her stuff was still in my grandfather's house so this is the first time I've seen a lot of it. This clipping was in a drawer full of her paperwork.

Mother was my age when she got married - 21 years old when she got married in August 1986. They'd known each other since she was seventeen - just seventeen - and then they'd been going out for about three years. It's strange to think of getting married now - I can barely cope with adulting on my own. But she got married with Dad and they lived together for about four or five years before having my brother.

It's nice to see them before they had children, when they were still in love and loving life. Before my dad's affair and his alcoholism and my mother's thyroid illness, that was them. Happy and fun, and loving.  They split up when I was seven and then we rarely saw my dad - less so as the years went on until he died in May 2011.

Mother talks about him more now - sharing more about their lives before they had children, stuff like when they moved into the Cottage in Bicester and they renovated it themselves. She told me about the time they pulled the ceiling out of the attic because it was rotten and filthy up there. She'd gone to work as a nurse during the day, leaving my dad (who worked nights on rotation at a printer's) to demolish it. She came back to a filthy bedroom and my dad looking like a coal miner because it was so bad.

All she did was say, "Cup of tea?"

My mother, queen of the dry humour.

Just thought I'd share something of my family that's more positive than usual.
Pretty Tom

Today's To Do List

1. Send assignment to Bangor DEADLINE IS **SIX PM** TONIGHT.

I failed. Was supposed to submit it at 12pm, thought it was 5pm. *sighs*

2. Have meeting with Mentor.

3. Pack up starter pack.

4. Pack case to go home.

5. Put trash on the balcony.

6. Make food list.

7. Make ice cream.

8. Tidy room. (10 x 20/10s.)

9. Finish 1 mo of TeaKau Daily.

10. Make a list of WIPs.

11. Book tickets for the end of the month.

12. Make to do list for tomorrow.
Stop talking

You know what I hate?

  When you just hit that breaking point.

Everything before that was hard - hard as fuck - but you could do it. It was fine. You got up, did stuff that you had to do, didn't let it get to you because you had to keep going, you had to deal with it, and you were. For like, six days.

And then you just hit a wall. BOOM. Flat to the face. It's the wall of doom. You can't carry on, all you want to do is cry, everything sucks, everything you do doesn't feel good, and NOTHING. WILL. EVER. BE. OKAY. AGAIN.

Yeah, I just found my wall.

I am DONE with this shit right now. I am done with being a thousand miles away from home, I am done with not being able to talk on a smartphone, I am done with not having wifi, I am done with this STUPID FUCKING UNIVERSITY COMPUTER THAT WON'T DO A DAMN THING, I am done with shitty internet people, I am done with my horrible pigsty of a room, I am done with my stupid broken laptop, I am done with the fact that my mp3 - the thing that I live with on full blast - is dying and going weird and crackly, and I am done with paperwork for dreamspinner and for the press.

And most of all, I AM DONE with this fucking paperwork for basically killing my soul.  I hate filling in this paperwork because I have to show them bank statements. I have to show my university, my /bank/ statements to get a hardship grant, and I know why they want it but it feels so fucking instrusive. It feels like they're going to look at them and laugh or pry or talk about me behind my back and I KNOW THAT'S HIGHLY HIGHLY UNLIKELY and that EVERYBODY INVOLVED is a professional and what the fuck ever.

I am a ridiculously intensely private person, and this is pushing me to the limit right now. I have to let someone else into my bank accounts, they can see what I've been doing, to be able to get money to fly home for a funeral that I don't even want to go to right now, for a man who I struggled to actually have a working relationship with to the point that basically, for the last five years, WE DIDN'T HAVE ONE.



I found that wall, big time.  
Pretty Tom

New Journey

Today, I finally felt good enough to get dressed properly, send emails to teachers asking for extra consideration regarding my missed assignments, go to class and contribute properly, do some writing before I went home, and most of all not feel completely like I couldn't do it.

I like this feeling.

It feels good.

Also, I think I'm going to try taking that different route to university in the mornings. Instead of the Number 18 which is familiar, I took the 192 Kauppatori bus which takes me through the back part of the city, past the university of Turku and into the main part of town. I don't know why I took it - I wasn't too late for class and I've never taken it before even though it stops every hour at the same bus stop.

But I just... spontaneously did something different.

Doesn't sound like much but for me, routine is so important. I loathe it when my normal routine is disrupted - number 18, get off at this stop, walk for this long, walk back, go home on the same bus... but it just... I just felt like doing something different.

And I did.

I'm not saying that's it - that it's the new bus journey that made today feel so much better  - but it's definitely helpful to have a new perspective on travelling to the university in the morning.


There's today's useless ramblings. XD
Pretty Tom

Fic: Still Waters Run Deep

Title: still waters run deep
Author: snowstormskies
Pairing(s): OT4/THorgy, with a primary focus on Tom at the core.
Rating: Mature.
Disclaimer: Not mine, do not own, do not make money, feel sad now.
Warnings: D/s relationship, incest, discipline, corporal punishment, emotional upset.
Summary: Tom's collar has traveled with him through his journey between boy and man, helped him to navigate the difficult seas around sexuality and desire, and it's kept him going forward through pain and hurt. It's an old friend now.
Author's notes: Part of October Bingo, for the prompt of leather. It fits into the same world as Cornered, Holding Back, Running Doesn't Change Anything, Cool Water, and Against the Wall.

Still Waters Run Deep

Ha. Was he fuck.Collapse )