December 1st, 2014

Pretty Tom

Need some help

Is being a grown up supposed to be all about numbers and money or is it just me and my life?

Because that's what this is boiling down to.

And I need some more... seasoned eyes to look at this housing/renting issue. I've never really been much for renting a place - I've done it three times in my life, twice in University supplied places, once in a shitty shit hole that really wasn't good for me.

So I've not got a great track record here.

I need to find a place in Bangor, Wales, because I go back to uni next year and I need to find it soon. Like, seriously soon. Last time, I left it too late and ended up as one of nine tennents in a shit hole, and they were horrible. Like, steal my crockey, leave rotten food everywhere, and never clean up after themselves kind of gross.

I made a list of things that it had to have -

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And I found a place, and it turned out - even though I got sample contracts and everything - someone else sniped me at it. Which is a shame.

Mother suggested a new place, with room for her to come and stay with me so I don't get too depressed (occsionally. Like, once a term), and it would give me more space.

And I found a place which matched that criteria. And how...

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It's in a chapel, and is about 7 minutes walk from the university, near to the shops and the town center, but not so close to get all the drunk assholes after kicking out time in the early hours.

But it's a £1100 a month. That's $1700 a month. That's almost £10,000 a year. ($16,000).

Now, admittedly, that does cover the cost of furnishing it, the telephone bill, internet bill, water bill, and the TV license. All done, in that cost, which is not included in most other places (and especially not the last one). It works out at £247 ($390) a week, which is a lot. It's supposed to be rented by two people, though, and I'd be taking it as a single person which means it costs far more than most people would be experiencing.

Having ANY place that's meant for two people by myself is going to cost more. A lot more.

And a single room with shared living, bathing, and cooking quarters is £5000~ on average anyway.

And I have my inheritance (God, do I feel wanky privileged for saying that). I could afford to do it, easily. Very easily.

But... IDK.

I'd have my own space. It's beautiful. Close to the university. I'd be able to have people over and not worry about noise. I'd be able to invite my mother to stay, which she desperately wants to.

Of course, all this is a moot point if the people turn around and say it's been let already. I asked at 11, and the pics went live two hours before hand, at 9.