Pretty Tom

Poem: Creativity Burns

creativity burns

it’s not a thing
it’s not an it, either.

A voice in your head
A word on the page
A song in your head that goes around and around and around and around and


It has teeth like a Great White, and the tenacity of a teenager,
Write me write me write me writemewritemeyouknowyouneedtowriteme NOW

It’s characters who demand to be heard
It's scenes so vivid you can touch the flames,
It's desperation and frustration, pleasure and treasure, celebration and condemnation

You’re a writer but you’re not in charge
No no no no no no no, you think you're in charge?
You're not. Not really.

You do what you’re fucking told
You have a muse,
a fat cow of an alternative self who wants more now not in ten

It’s not about numbers
About reviews and favourites
Books sold and poems printed
Best seller lists and critical opinions
And what the teacherrevieweryourbetayourbestfriendovertheinternet wants you to know
That’s Not Why You Write.

It’s not about followers and
Social networking

It’s about words
The subtle dip and dive of language
Sweet conversations in bed, angry rages in lifts,
Hollywood glamour and eighteen hour days slaving in a sweatshop,
Pakistan and Britain, China and America,
Mad men and brave men
Wives and women and lovers and fighters and haters
Voices of your own creations

Moving between points of view that feels like dipping the wing of a hawk
A sudden miscalculation sending you

To earth

Crash and burn
Set fire to the paper
Magnetize the hardrive
The delete button is never that far away and you're back

Stare at blank pages,
and it's all there to be filled.

Never said it would be easy

But rebuild it
Start it again

Set the scene,
Find your character,
your little puppet to pull the strings of and make them waltz
find your voice in this tangled web of lies and pain and hurt and
hold it tight to your chest because it's so precious and it's so smalll

And set it free

Give them love and replace it with heartbreak
Tear their beliefs in two and tell them it’s okay to have faith
Rock them to sleep and steal their children while Morpheus guards them
Give them a house, and rip it down around their ears
Take away the safety net and tell them that it’s stronger than ever

But write it.
See it.
Dream it.
Etch it into your soul with a biro and a cheap mug of coffee for ink

Give it strength and give it weakness

but bring it home.

(Originally submitted for assessment at Bangor University, School of Creative Writing, under the name Rebecca Rayner, but now extended and posted for personal entertainment.)

this is the most perfect thing ever. you captured that spark, that connection that guides all good writing. that's why your words always seem so alive.

and the rhythm and the building tempo work so well.

i even love the formatting!

this is my all time favorite post
We used a lot of visual/spoken poetry during the last semester, and it definitely inspired my work. I like this one to be read aloud, so you can hear the different rhythms in words and lines all flowing through.

Formatting makes it interesting and changes how you percieve it.

And :D Thanks for the pimpage!
Oh, wow. I have this feeling that I didn't really read this - I just felt it as your words pulled me along because this? Is really how writing feels. Beautiful.
Thank you so much for the lovely words. And writing for me is more than just a mechanical thing - it's about feelings and emotions and being passionate and becoming very involved with a story to the point of being right in the thick of it.

I hope it came through in the flow and words.
this is just so perfect! It brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing this bb! <333333
OH bb, that was brilliant!!! It's like you took my feelings and put them right down on paper!!!
Aww, thank you :D It's very hard to describe the feelings that are involved with writing so this feels very personal!