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100 Days of.... Pretty :D: Day #30

Adam Lambert


Someone new again!

Just because.


(When I planned this entry, Sauli was still Adam's boyfriend. Now they've broken up
But hey ho, what can you do?


I just love how ridiculously happy he is.
This guy is like sunshine and candy canes for grown ups.



I cannot lie, a man on horseback does things to me.

Look at that manly McManly Manlyson on the back of a horse on the beach and barefoot to boot (foot?)


Smart little fucker, isn't he? He cleans up well.


I love this picture.
I can't put my finger on why, but it just appeals to me - the hair, the mirror, the look on his face..


Preppy fucker now.

Look at that camera.

And everything else.

And Yay! *hi fives fellow Converse wearer*


Also, stop making me want prison fic with Adam.

It's not okay, okay, Sauli?


Swear to God, everybody I like has pointy fang teeth. They're all secretly vampires.

And still love. His face is wonderful.


I think this is supposed to look fierce but I get more soft from this. hat hand, the face...

And blue eyes, too. He's a true Scandi boy.


Another fierce picture.

I think this shows that Sauli knows his own body and to make it look good.

And unf, tattoos!


Softer to finish with - I love how soft his face looks, and how timeless this photo could be.

He looks so focused, but still serene.

Perfect man. I can see why Adam fell for him.

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he's going to be on dancing on ice in Finland! you'll get to watch it

and you know how i feel about that butterfly tattoo on his neck