scriptures of soul and searching

sketched in bright blue across grey walls

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I'm SnowStormSkies, as I'm sure you've guessed.

I'm a reader, writer, and fangirl.

About me: I'm currently at uni studying English and Creative Writing - I graduate in 2015 if everything goes to plan! I'm old enough to know better about half the stuff I do, but do I give a flyingfuck? Nyet, I don't. Other than than, you just need to know I am female and woefully unattached to anything except my mp3 player and my internet. I live with my headphones wedged over my head, nonstop.

My Twitter link is below, and that's the best place to get hold of me, since I lurk. Constantly on there, and I'm always looking for more people to hang out with!

I recently got into Tokio Hotel and Adam Lambert RPS, and while I support their real life relationships wholeheartedly and take a dim view on people who unduly harsh their buzz about their partners, such as Liz and Ria, I read and write a number of different pairings from TWC to Adommy. I'm not a little bit sorry about it, either, for all those who say I should be ashamed of myself.

Step within and there's more posts about me under the tag 'personal notes'. You can also search the tags for various fics, categories and stuff, but it's all self explanatory.